Saturday, 7 April 2012

Aprils Beauty Budget Challenge - Week 1

So today is one week since I started on my Beauty Budget Challenge, it wasn't too hard in the week as I have been really busy in work, so have literally come in had my tea gone to bed and woke up to repeat all over again!

I found it quite hard though when everyone was signing up to the new beauty box Lux Box and I do want to sign up but I arranged a few swaps on Beauty Box Swaps instead for items that I really wanted and because its for beauty items the postage has to come out of my £10.00.

This is what I got in swaps this week

Postage cost me £6.42 so I have £3.58 to carry forward into next week wooohooo!

Plus i'm having a clear out and I'll be listing lots on ebay which will hopefully up my spends as I have my beady eye on a gorgeous leather jacket....


  1. wow u got amazing stuff in your swaps! I really wana try that Ojon...please do a review!x

    1. Ask and thee shall be rewarded! I did a review last month, I've put the link below. I absolutely love it. I haven't used anything else on my hair since I got my Ojon delivery and I will be repurchasing the shampoo and conditioner as they are best thing I have ever used on my hair!