Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mens Glossybox

I bought my hubby the mens Glossybox to try and get him to understand my love of beauty boxes ;)  I found a deal on TopCashBack to get £4 off the box so I used their link and signed him up.

It is a quarterly box that contains 7 luxury sized samples, it costs £17.95 inc postage.  This is the second box (he didn't want the first one!).

It comes in a nice manly box!

As he opened it I spotted a few items I have seen in the ladies box!!

Without telling him I asked him to read the contents card then spilt the products into two groups - items he is pleased with and would use and items he is not too pleased with and wouldn't normally use.

These are the products that he was pleased with, Liz Earle face scrub, Organic Homme serum and a sachet of Kyoku shave cream

These are the products he was not so pleased with.  He doesn't like the smell of the (tiny bottle) aftershave, lavender hand sanitizer (lavender! thats for girls! erm...well hun that was in the ladies box), FAB body moisturiser this is the second product that was in the ladies box he said he would use it but its hardly exciting!, matchstick type items that you use to close pores on your face - I think that means if he cuts himself shaving he can use them to stop the bleeding.

I don't think its right to have two products in the mens box that were in the ladies box, especially something that is lavender scented! If they market a box at men then it should contain products that men would be happy to use!

He said he would use everything in the box and he disappeared off to have a bath clutching his Glossybox, he came back down and said the Kyoko shave cream is the best he has ever used and could I please get him some next time I get beauty stuff so I looked around on the internet and its £25! £25 for shave cream - I asked him is it really worth £25 and he said yes absolutely.....hmmm maybe this converting him to mens beauty boxes wasn't such a good idea.....


  1. my boyfiend also said the shaving cream was amazing and says he neeeeeeds it! wh knew shaving cream could be so great?! x

    1. Thats what hubby was like! he said he has never had a closer shave and that its just amazing. I said is there a promotional code on the card, but no there isn't :(

      They do a starter kit in Boots so I might treat him at the end of the month - I'm not breaking my beauty budget to buy him shave cream!

      Wonder how good it will be if I use it to shave my legs? ha ha ha!

  2. Seems strange that they would put lavender scented products in the men's box ...other things look good though might see if my bf wants to have a look :)

    1. They said its unisex! erm!

      He keeps pestering me about the shave cream and asking me when I will be able to order it for him!