Monday, 16 April 2012

Aprils Beauty Budget Challenge - Week 2

Hi All,

Sorry this is a little late but I had a super busy weekend - we went to see a musical show called Remembering Michael which was a celebration of Michael Jacksons music and life, it was amazing I didn't want it to end.  Then we spent the day at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, which my inner geek loved!

This is how I got on this week.  I had £3.58 left over from Week 1 meaning I started the week with £13.58.

I spent £9.48 on postage for swaps through the FB page Beauty Box Swaps. These are all the fab items I got! Did well this week, did't I!

Looking forward to trying both these products, I have the Real Techniques stippling brush and I love it so was excited to get the powder brush.

I need a new bronzer and this Bourjois one in light is great for my pale skin.  I have swatched the cheek activator but its a bit too dark for me.

OPI's in Meet Me on the StarFerry and Jade is the new Black.

I have this VIVO baked palette in Divine and did a review here, I love the colours and the blusher is gorgeous.  The palette that I received in my swaps is Paparazzi.

I have listed lots of items on eBay to try and make some extra money - in week 2 I made £30 and I bought....

A large pink cosmetics case from Argos to store all my nail polishes in, this cost me £27.99

Katy Perry Mini Opi Set for £7.00 from eBay - bargain! I was concerned these might have been fakes, but they are genuine and I absolutely love them.

Texas Lil Shooters Mini OPI set for £8.50 from eBay, pleased with these too - can't wait to try the shimmery turquoise shade.

 I got this OPI mask from the lovely Susan over on the Beauty Box Swaps page, she sent it to me for being the first person to comment on her swap post! Its gorgeous, it smells like holidays :)

I got this amazing necklace from Wendy, she is the lovely lady who I did the Easter Box Swaps with.  She forgot to put this in the box and so sent it separately.  I love it! I'm a complete bookworm and this is just such a thoughtful present.

So lets tot it up.....Funds in (£13.58 + £30) £43.58, Funds Out (£9.48 + £27.99 + £7 + £8.50) £52.97 = Yikes went over by £9.39!!

So for Week 3 I have 61p!
Erm.... I better get listing some more stuff on eBay!

I did actually spend quite a lot of money this week, but its not clothes, make up or beauty was tickets to go and see Lady Gaga in Manchester in September.  She is my favourite artist and I tried for four hours to get tickets, couldn't believe it when I got them! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!


  1. wow, a good weeks swapping! Can you send me a link to the ebay seller of the mini OPI's?

    1. I know I got some fab stuff :)
      They were from different sellers who only had these minis up for sale. Someone posted a link for a genuine opi seller I'll try and find it for you x

  2. Replies
    1. Didn't really do that well did I! I've still not signed up to luxbox....

  3. I think my boyfriend would love it if I did this!

    Well done! :)

    Lola ..x


    1. He keeps saying to me how do you keep getting such good stuff?!

  4. How did you manage to do that!!!
    You are doing great with these!! Keep it up!!
    Congrats you have been awarded!
    Please check out the details:
    Laine Blogger Award

  5. this is such a good idea! what a great job your doing! x

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping I don't fall off the wagon too hard today as I'm going to one of the Lush workshops - will report back later!