Sunday, 22 April 2012

TK Maxx Haul

I have been reading lots of blogs/FB posts about great finds people have had in TK Maxx, the store by me has always been a bit rubbish (although to be fair I hadn't been for AGES) so yesterday on my way home from a Lush Workshop - will be doing a blog post on this, it was amazing can't wait to share it with you!! - I took the route home that passes TK Maxx and went in to have a little lookie around......

Look at all these fantastic goodies I picked up!

Essie hydrating mask for nails, claims to increase nail hydration by 33% in 5 minutes.  It contains 3 lots of 10 masks. Bargain £3.99

Essie Intense Hydration Treatment.  50% more nourished nails in 5 days. Bargain £3.99

Color Club Glitter Vixen Polishes. Could not resist the immense sparkle of these! I have not tried Color Club polishes before and I'll do a nails post to show you these sparkles! Absolute bargain £7.99

They had packs of three Stila items for £7.99!! So I picked up two packs.

Dual Lip and Cheek Cream in Gladiola

When I opened the compact I thought the colour was really not for me but it is a gorgeous colour and looks great on my cheeks - this will be fab for my holiday.

Eye Mousse in Copper - look how cute the pot is :)

Love this colour! Again will look fab in the summer with a tan (or when I go a shade up from milk bottle white!!)

Eye Liner in Sapphire

Highly pigmented soft liner, I got the Eyeko Midnight Blue  in one of my beauty boxes but I prefer this one.

Shine Lip Colour in Sarah, love the design on the case

A little bit disappointed with this as its very sheer but will do for work! Plus it just glides on and smells gorgeous.  It contains SPF20 too so I like that it will protect my lips,

Demi Creme + Shine in Demi Tulip

LOVE the colour of this!

Mulit-effect Mascara in Brown. 
I have not tried their mascara before but I like the shape of the brush and I don't currently have a brown mascara so this will do nicely thank you very much.

Well this haul of goodies came to an absolute steal at £31.95!!

I've done this post first because its time to tot up how I've done on week 3 of the Beauty Budget Challenge.............

Have you got a TK Maxx near where you live?  Have you picked up any bargains recently?

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